3d Game Lab Teacher Camp in Noida | Ramagya School

imageRamagya School possesses a full suite 3D lab which provides a unique and highly stimulating experience to the students when it comes to observing the curriculum concepts in the 3D format. It can accommodate 36 students and helps the students to visualize special study material in an interesting manner with the help of stereoscopic 3D projection system, 3D electronic viewing glasses and specially designed 3D curriculum library. Offering learning in digitized 3D content for the various curriculums has become a special distinctive feature of the Ramagya School – making it a preferred choice of many parents who wish to increase the knowledge of their children in an innovative environment.


What parents say about us

Ramagya always place the students in the right position by knowing their aptitude/persona through multiple intelligence.

-Rekha M parent of Geetika Satheesan Class 5th B

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