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Abacus, a manual aid to calculating, comprises of beads which are moved up and down on a series of sticks which are usually within a wooden frame. This training is mandatory at Ramagya for every single student to help the young minds learn calculation easily and avoid mugging up. An exceptional device for helping students to calculate by remembering what has been counted; Abacus plays a crucial role in strengthening a child’s skills when it comes to doing quick and accurate calculations.

Sensing the importance of Abacus, Ramagya conducts special Abacus Training for its children, making it sure that the children experience an all-round development. Abacus is practiced in its full form in classroom training sessions for optimum learning. With the help of these sessions, we encourage the enrichment of a child’s attention, power of retention and concentration. Comprehensive calculations are exercised which are then followed by detailed practices in the form of worksheets.

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What parents say about us

It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing my daughter here, the friends we’ve made and the experiences we have had while learning with ramagya are unforgettable.

-Saurav Aggarwal parent of Sonakshi Class NUR C

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