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imageArt plays a significant role in the overall development of a human mind. At Ramagya School, we provide our students professional activity guidance through well experienced tutors in sculpture. Regular classes are conducted under the leadership and supervision of professional artists who train the students on various aspects of sculpture. Whether students wish to pursue this art as an interest or they wish to make a career in this field, we encourage their development at every phase. They are taught not just the basic principles, but are trained in the right use of the various tools and techniques of sculpture.

imageThe world of fine art provides various opportunities to the creative minds when it comes to experimenting and expressing themselves. Our fine art activity room is endowed with the latest in this arena and students are encouraged to realize their true talent with a wide range of ideas, materials, textures, colors and forms. All students are given the access to the arts through creation, performance and study. Various activities are organized at regular intervals to encompass a broad, practice-based philosophy in Fine Art amongst the students. This helps them to gain an understanding of a variety of suitable methods and approaches to art practice.


imageThe school has a very well decorated and a well-equipped art and craft activity room for the students. Aimed at focusing on the development of the creative minds, the craft room is a place where students feel comfortable to express their creative sense through their work. From time to time various activities are being organized in this area and numerous competitions are held to bring out the latent potential in the creative students at our school. Over the years, our students have won major art competitions at not just the state level, but also at the national and international level.


What parents say about us

I was highly impressed by the school building and courtesy of staff members when I visited the school for the first time. Ramagya has got a very good infrastructure and sports facility too.

-Meena Singhal parent of Vanshika Gupta Class 3rd B

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