Fully Automated school Facilities | Ramagya School

imageRamagya is completely enabled with all automated tools and techniques. Have a quick look on our automated services:



  • Parent Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Fee Portal
  • Form Download Provision
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Library Book Issue
  • Student Friendly Automation System (to make their payments for: Canteen Bills, Uniform Shop Bills and Stationary Shop Bills etc.)


  • Effective Time Management and Multiple Task Management
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Centrally stored information with zero chances of errors
  • Computerized management of marks and grades, attendance, timetables and holidays.
  • Homework assignment to students and approval


  • Have the flexibility to fix daily budget in their child’s Student Friendly Automation System for canteen bills and other charges.
  • Frequent interactions with teachers
  • Regular updates on child’s attendance, progress and fee payment.
  • Can keep a track of homework assigned by teacher to their child
  • Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and messaging system later encouraging active participation of parents.


  • Enhanced and effective interaction with teachers and parents
  • Can submit their homework online
  • Access to check their attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Liberty to share their voice by publishing articles, blogs and participate in discussion forums
  • Accessibility to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued


What parents say about us

An organization which works for the overall development of its students always achievers success and Ramagya is one of them.

-Ashish Shukla parent of Shubhesh Shukla Class Pre Nur

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