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imageThe Biology lab is designed in such a manner that it can easily accommodate 50 students together at a single time. With more than 90 equipment and specimens, our Biology lab provides the much needed practical knowledge and information to the students about the subject, increasing their interest and skills related to the area of Biology. The lab is fully equipped with all the advanced specimens as well as equipment that include Compound Microscope, Dissecting Microscope, Specimen, Hot Air Oven, Water Bath, Distillation Plant, Human Skeleton, Human Bone Structure Model, DNA, RNA Structure Model, Chemicals and Pressure Cooker, and the like.


What parents say about us

Day boarding at Ramagya is a home away from home,it provides motherly care and instill values of sharing and caring among the children.

-Dheeraj Satija parent of Soham Satija Class 5th B

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