Best Chemistry Lab in Noida | Ramagya School

imageThe Chemistry lab at Ramagya School is a well-ventilated hall with the facility to accommodate 50 students. The lab is well equipped with more than 90 equipment including Balance (Electronic), Breakers, Buret, Tongs, China Dish, Chart Paper Bunsen Burner (Water Cycle, Oxygen Cycle, Environmental Structure of Atom, Nitrogen of Atom), Tripod Stand, Watch Glass Chemical, etc. We aim at instilling the right level of competence and proficiency amongst the students when it comes to increasing their knowledge about the world of Chemistry. This is the reason why we bring to them the latest equipment in our lab, providing a comfortable ambience to the students to easily carry out various experiments.


What parents say about us

Ramagya School has enhanced the personality of my child and helped to improve her communication skills.The school has contributed significantly in building up my child’s confidence and making herself dependent.

-Cheena Jain parent of Ananya Jain Class KG A

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