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In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

It is well known that only those can fail, who can dare to participate.
Based on the above belief is our education system at Ramagya which enables our students to Arise , Awake and Attain the goal with their sheer determination and hard work. We want our children not only to learn but also to question whatever they have learnt.

Since every school is bestowed with a very crucial role of preparing leaders in life who can be set for service to the nation therefore, all Ramagyans are encouraged to accept responsibility for self-discipline to develop self respect and compassion to contribute to the community.

Through our world class infrastructure we always attempt to make learning an enjoyable and interesting process for our students. We also take pride in our dedicated faculty which is committed to creating a learning environment which maximizes the quality of education.

We keenly recognize the vital role that parents play in contributing to children’s success and look forward to their close involvement with the school’s programs as is evident from our website, facebook account and various workshops.

Thus, we all together at Ramagya endeavour to create a small sacred place in this world which carries so much of magnetism and grandeur to purify, edify and magnify all living beings of this world .

Mrs. Rajni Gupta


What parents say about us

We are very glad that we are a part of this institution.

-Shweta Dwivedi parent of Sanskriti Class KG E

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