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imageHere at Ramagya School, we strongly believe that a library well-endowed with numerous articles and books together with a resource centre can help in the creation of a well read and well informed world. A wide array of resources and study materials for various genres is accessible for the students at our school, helping them to learn in a way that marks the beginning of a better and futuristic era. Our resource library is a repository and access point for over 504 CDs that consist of print, audio, and visual materials in numerous formats, and many other electronic resources. The resource library can accommodate 35-40 students at a time.


What parents say about us

School creates a pleasant and safe feeling along with happy environment. As a parent I feel I can approach the school with all my worries which I am sure will always be removed patiently.

-Rajeev Chadha parent of Janvi Chadha Class NUR C

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