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imageAt Ramagya, we understand that every child is different and so are their capabilities and intelligence levels. We provide opportunities for each student to recognize and utilize their unique intelligence and assess their competences in intelligence-fair ways. Students are taught to use their strengths in the right manner by understanding the areas of their interests and developing their knowledge in those areas which act as a weakness for them.


Auditory learning involves the transfer of information by way of listening. Children are often seen responding well to speeches, sounds and noises. Such children are auditory learners. To enable their holistic development, various auditory activities, such as brainstorming, buzz groups, or Jeopardy are conducted in day to day learning. At Ramagya, we believe in strengthening the skills of such children by encouraging them to listen to recommendations, have frequent group discussions, participate in debates, and other such activities.


What parents say about us

Ramagya is a lifeline for my son/daughter.he/she loves going to school and the support which we receive from all the staff members is just amazing.

-Satyadeep Kumar parent of Swapnil Kumar Class KG B

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