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imageAt Ramagya, we understand that every child is different and so are their capabilities and intelligence levels. We provide opportunities for each student to recognize and utilize their unique intelligence and assess their competences in intelligence-fair ways. Students are taught to use their strengths in the right manner by understanding the areas of their interests and developing their knowledge in those areas which act as a weakness for them.


Derived from the Greek word ‘kineo’ meaning to move, and ‘aisthesis’ meaning sensation, ‘kineo-aisthesis’ means ‘move-sensation’. Thus, Kinesthetic is a learning style which involves the stimulation of nerves in the body’s muscles, joints and tendons. It entails learning by adopting such strategies that include physical experience for example touching, feeling, performing, learning by doing, exercising practical hands-on activities, and much more. Kinesthetic learners do best when there is external stimulation or movement. To help such learners, the instructors at Ramagya guide children to transfer information using such methods that comprises of hands on activities like using keyboards, tablets, and the rest.


What parents say about us

From the very initial stages we were impressed by discipline, patience and caring environment in which our children were taught.

-Anuja Chopra parent of Nohar Chopra Class 7th A

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