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imageSomeone has rightly said that music is the food of the soul and a great source of peace and relaxation. To groom the musical talent in students and to build their interest Ramagya School has collaborated with Indian Idol Academy. We also have a separate activity room for Indian Music that nurtures the skills and talents of those students who love Indian music. Vocal as well as instrumental music training is given to the students and are taught not just pure classical, semi classical, Bhajan, Alankar, etc. but are also taught how to use the various Indian musical instruments like Ektara, Sitar, Sarod, Santoor, Rudra Veena, Dholak, Tabla, Pakhavaj, Jal Tarang, Electronic Tanpura, Harmonium, Shehnai, Flute, and the rest.

imageMusic at Ramagya School is the soul of the entire curriculum. It not only helps students to enhance their love for music, but also helps them to focus on living with peace and harmony. The school has a collaboration with world known singing academy i.e. Indian Idol Academy. We have a well-equipped music room where various western forms of music are being taught to the students. Besides vocal training, the students are also taught the use of Piano, Digital Casio, Trumpets, Acoustic Bass Guitars, Flutes, Audio Cubes, Drums, and the rest. Our students are encouraged to perform at stage, helping them to participate not only at state level, but also at national level.


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School provides special facilities for the parents like parent portal, So that parents can remain in touch with the school whenever it is needed.

-Sakshi Arora parent of Heenal Arora Class NUR C

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