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Principal’s Message

‘Change’ is the only constant and inevitable fact of the life. Today’s realities will not continue tomorrow in a predictable fashion…. The children must be groomed to be proactive and innovative in the school….because what happens in the school today is likely to determine that what will happen in our society in future…

We at Ramagya School are committed to personal excellence of each student by imparting holistic, activity based quality education enriched with high moral values in a healthy competitive learning environment. Our aim is to identify and nurture the potential of each student through innovative learning methodology, capacity building and continuous improvement in the ability driven education system.

We are also committed to enhance our credibility as an excellent education institute by empowering the learner to the satisfaction of our established quality management system, while complying with the applicable regulatory requirements.

We offer an ‘Education with a Difference’ and provide a friendly, caring and safe environment along with the ‘world class facilities’ in the school. We groom our students with the values, morality and wisdom along with skills, foresight and right attitude to make them competent and responsible citizens of tomorrow imbued with the fire to think, innovate and create a new world. Our students are all set to take on the challenges of our country with confidence and dogged determination and I am sure that as well informed, smart, alert and responsible global citizens, our students will definitely take the lead in every sphere and contribute wholesomely to the new world.


What parents say about us

Ramagya is a well-organized and one of the most reputed school in Noida with impressive infrastructure ad supporting facility. The school offers activity based education with the help of smart classes, 3D labs, abacus activities, English conversation classes and other routine activities like sports, music and dance.

— Mr. Ashish Shukla

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