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In India, the formal introduction of kids to sports, through enrolment in various sports and athletics academies is done at the age level of 8-9 years. Currently, there is no such program in India which focuses on creatively engaging pre-school or primary school kids to sports and instils into them the basics of sports based activities. Children who enjoy sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their lives. Staying fit can help a child maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Children who are physically fit also sleep better and are better able to handle the physical and emotional challenges that a typical day presents.

SportyBeans is sports based play programme for preschool and primary school children between the ages of 1.5 & 8 years. Our programme is taught in a caring, safe, fun filled environment and there are never more than 18 children per class. Our aim is not to teach the sport but to make the child have fun and make his/her first introduction to sport exciting and memorable. Our role is not to develop sports stars. Rather, we are passionate about giving children, through sport, a solid foundation from which to develop many aspects of their lives. As well as physical improvements, we carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.



Single Sport Clinics

Seasonal SportyBeans clinics provide a great change of pace for children. Focusing on a single sport –soccer or basketball, our certified coaches teach more advanced skills and provide opportunities to refine, rehearse and repeat them.

Holiday Camps

Break up the School holidays with our fun packed camps for girls and boys ages 1.5 to 8 years.Thereafter we ensure plenty of variety and children try out a wide range of sports, games and creative activities as they rotate through different activity stations.

Multi Sport Activity

Our flagship program running over the entire year, with two classes per week covering 9 ball sports viz Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby and Hockey.


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