Ramagya SchoolBellQ* App

Ramagya School understands the essentiality of an effective partnership between parents and school for the holistic development of a child. Therefore, our school is powered by SchoolbellQ*Automation Services Solution that helps us consistently staying in touch with the parents and keeping them in the loop about their ward’s achievement, progress, and next steps.

At Ramagya School, we strongly believe in fully leveraging technology to accomplishing the primary objective of schooling to ensure student’s multifaceted growth, helping him realize his potential, not just restricted to academics. In line with the same philosophy, Ramagya School's SchoolBellQ* app comes from the stable of K One Ventures LLP, which is one of the fastest-growing entity in the segment with overseas presence, recognized by Government of India as a technology Startup to keep our parents ahead on the technology curve with regular cutting edge upgrades & innovation.

About SchoolBellQ
  • SchoolBellQ* Services is a Technology services organization that provides schools numerous automation services to improve their internal efficiency and operations. It helps them tremendously by imparting them sophisticated information systems with extremely simple and lucid User interfaces.
  • We operate as ‘Managed Services’ Model whereby we provide our trained & dedicated resources who are based out of school premises and help them with all essential functions in school administration from Pre-admissions management to Fee Management to Report Cards to Academic administration.
  • We also have demonstrated capability to work with IoT (Internet of Things) and integrate them with our automation systems like RFID cards, Biometric Attendance & Live Bus tracking through GPS integration.
  • We also have a state-of-the-art app for enabling the school to seamlessly & effortlessly send information to the parents through parent’s App on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • SchoolBellQ* Services is a 100% unit of K One Ventures LLP and it is an A Technology Services Start-Up formally Recognized by Government of India – DIPP12489

  • The SchoolBellQ will proactively send the user login credentials as per the school records of Mobile number and Email ids registered with the school database.
  • In case you haven’t received your login credentials. Please click on the following link and fill in the required details for instantaneous resolution.
  • If your issue is still not resolved parents can WhatsApp on the following number their concern for the same day resolution
  • Helpline Number: Whatsapp to +91-7011 844 587

You can download the app by clicking here

Benefits of Ramagya SchoolbellQ App to Parents
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