The first Indian music curriculum for young learners

Indian music concepts of rhythm and melody are among the highest developed music systems in the world and should be shared with all children and not kept to only a few. Keeping this in mind, Ramagya School has partnered with Sangeet4All - The first Indian music curriculum for young learners, making learning happen in a holistic way to create a solid music foundation, sowing a life-long seed of love for music.

Sangeet4All is the first Indian music curriculum with a carefully researched pedagogy, methodology and resources that provides the young child with a solid foundation in music. This age-appropriate nursery to grade 5, multi-sensory curriculum empowers and encourages both children as well as teachers, bringing children closer to their rich cultural heritage and sowing the seed of life-long love for music. Sangeet4all brings a brand new music education program to Indian schools that instill a strong foundation and a life-long love for Classical Indian music. S4A is based on the philosophy that all children are musical and deserve to engage in a fun way with their cultural heritage. The S4A music curriculum is designed to best suit the Indian sensibilities and the realities of Indian classrooms.

Why Indian Music Matters

India’s children belong to one of the richest cultural heritages of the world. Our classical arts provide a bridge from the past to the present shows us the best that our culture has created and provide a strong foundation for identity. Indian music can also boast of having perhaps the most complex system of rhythm, melody and improvisation available today.

Importance of Music in Child’s Life