Tutoring aims at assisting students to become independent learners and remain motivated towards success. The tutor plays a vital and multifaceted role in supporting students’ academic learning.
At Ramagya the tutors are:
  • supportive of the self-directed approach as an effective method of teaching.
  • They recognize the place of the tutorial as a forum for students to integrate information, obtain guidance and feedback.
  • The tutors play a vital role in encouraging critical thinking and ensuring that the students’ knowledge is challenged and probed.
  • They also recognize the evolving process of group development and the different roles that a facilitator plays at different stages.

The tutors at Ramagya are skilled at facilitating teaching through stimulating questions and challenging the students as and when necessary. Tutors at Ramagya holds a vital position in the students’ academic education. They provide assistance in all the subjects depending upon the needs of the student.

Special needs students are also helped by the Ramagyan tutors:
  • A special child is taught with special learning strategies to help him or she performs better in school and overcomes obstacles of learning.
  • Since special needs students often struggle in school, a tutor here is a good way to help them keep up with their classmates.

A Ramagyan tutor also benefits a child who is considered gifted, by providing enrichment activities, the tutor here, instructs a student who excels in school to look at subjects on a deeper level. Often this is based on the child’s interests and talents.

For example, a child who does very well in reading at school may work with a tutor to pursue reading practices beyond what is being taught at the child’s current grade level. The student may work with a tutor to read more complicated books and stories and do a more in-depth analysis of what has been read.