Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Every student at Ramagya is acclaimed, given liberty and their self-trust is elevated. Pastoral Care hones our focus on serving the needs of gifted children and aiding them to amalgamate with the mainstream education system. An idiosyncratic team of stalwart special educators and speech therapists create meaningful and decent access to a specially designed curriculum, for the specific child. A child bears fruitful results and an upraised motivation when he/she learns from multiple perspectives through collaborative teaching techniques. Special Education is an on-going process that aims at removing hurdles from the path of a child and backing up with unshakable support for success.

The Special Education Needs Department at Ramagya uses a Well designed in—school generated technique which includes :

  • Intercession at an early stage to the youngest group with the help of keen observation by the teachers and therapy professionals
  • Special aid and support inside the Classroom
  • Incorporation in mainstream classes for academics and co-curricular development
  • Speech Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy are homogeneous parts of the SEN
  • Parent feedback and propositions for refining the techniques and making it more personalised
  • Methodical networking with outsourced professionals for remedial and clinical help
  • Punctilious in-house observations
  • Orderly Remedial sessions, assessments and formal assessments
  • Sensitization activities with the assistance of the Social Development Officer
  • Sharing strategies with all the subject teachers and parents to make the therapy successful

Ramagya SEN Team focuses on the development on all the students at a rational level. It focuses on both the academic as well as application based development of the child.

Academic Assimilation Process

Once a student is observed to be able to cope at a decent level, in a particular subject, the subject/class teacher may recommend assimilation for that subject in that particular grade. The process will start only when the student has been observed to be mentally and emotionally comfortable for being seated in a class of 25 students.

A SEN student may be considered for partial assimilation in Middle/Senior School if he/she has been following the mainstream curriculum in a subject and attempted all the Formative and Summative assessments with the required support for at least 6 months.

The decision of assimilating a child rests with the school.

Functional Academic Assimilation Process

Seating and Focus

Students who face developmentally impaired and in some instances are non-verbal, are taught in a specialized small group of 1:5 teacher-student ratio. The educator focuses on work skills, social skills, self-care and Adolescent Education Programmes (AEP) to help them cope with their surroundings and be self-dependant.

Integrated Teaching

An integrated approach is followed by the teacher that is a proven method meant to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Through this method, not only the students learn the concepts but also their uses in day-to-day life.

Parent Interaction Curriculum (PICs)

The SEN Team works with the parents and focuses on being transparent in its functioning. The request for a PIC in any subject/session/ therapy can be initiated by parents/educator to get/give an understanding of how their child is performing and being taught.

Parents Session

Parents Sessions along with the educator are compulsory for parents to attend. During a session, the educator, therapist and parents discuss the long term and short term plans set for the holistic development of the student. At times parents can also watch a class being conducted and their suggestions and advice will always be positively entertained by the SEN team of Ramagya.

Special Education