Why do we do it?

Are you worried about your aversion towards Mathematics? This is a problem that many of us face. Students face trouble in doing basic calculations. But fret not, at Ramagya, a perfect solution has been sought for this ‘Arithmophobia’ through Abacus Training.
It sharpens our memory and increases our ability to perform mental calculations. Abacus was designed in such a manner so that the brain visualizes the abacus while performing calculations which automatically activates the right part of our brain especially when we move our fingers over the beads and talk aloud while solving the problems.

How do we do it?

The students can use the abacus training to calculate arithmetical problems rapidly. Later on, the students can also perform the calculations without using the abacus, by just visualizing the abacus in their minds. Abacus education also helps them develop new and innovative methods of mastering arithmetic, rather than being dependent on just the orthodox methods of learning calculations otherwise taught by the conventional education system. Abacus answers the primary need of the students to make fast and accurate calculations.

Ramagyan Initiative

At Ramagya it is compulsory for grades KG to V. The school has interwoven the same in its Curriculum. The students of Ramagya know how to tackle a particular complication by the logical application of mind and break a complex problem into simpler and manageable parts only because of sharpening of mind achieved through rigorous Abacus practice sessions. The focus of Abacus sessions is to develop the mathematical aptitude of a child, assist in strengthening quick and accurate calculation skills, enriches a child’s attention, the power of retention and concentration. The School aims at the holistic development of a child’s brain through Abacus along with the development of multi-dimensional thinking thereby cultivating intelligence and encouraging innovations of the idea in the Ramagyans.