Parent engagement or parent involvement is an important part of the School Education ecosystem. Parent engagement or parent involvement is an important part of the School Education ecosystem. We at Ramagya focus a lot on making Parent Engagement easier because we clearly understand it’s importance and at the same time we also understand that in today’s busy world it is difficult for parents to stay in sync with their child’s growth at School. Hence, we discovered that the best way to solve this problem is by giving a super simple platform to parents, which they can use to keep themselves updated through different devices and mediums so that they can stay connected with their child’s progress at their own convenience, and all this has been made possible by the use of ERP at school, wherein the parents get a login id which can be used by them anytime and anywhere to stay in touch with their ward’s ongoing at school. ERP empowers the parents and helps them in playing an important role in the holistic development of their child. At Ramagya, we trust that our parents walk as partners in the educational tour of our children. We perceive that parents play an integral role in contributing to our educands’ success and contentment at school and explore to build strong and supportive collaborations with our parent association. Our Parent School Association is strongly knitted with the school and its programmes. Every parent is a core participant of the PSA and every class is represented at the PSA Councils by two representatives. A crux of nominated secretaries from Primary, Junior and Senior School work together with the Senior Management team on several school programmes. These include the Unnati and Environment related programmes, fundraising for charitable causes, assisting the school for smooth functioning.

The PSA aims

  • To nurture an extended and meaningful relationship between the teachers and parents with a view of strengthening the objectives of the school and lightening up the future of the students.
  • To partake in the administration and teachers in advancing the education of the students in a holistic manner.
  • To act jointly in all curricular and co-curricular events aimed at the integral growth of students.
  • To assist in providing special needs to the students whenever called upon.
  • To oblige in raising funds for specific causes.
  • To provide professional prowess, services, and guidance to the school whenever needed.
  • To assist in organizing educational, social, recreational and other co-curricular activities in the school for the benefit of students, like, charity shows, exhibitions, fetes, competitions, etc.
  • To publish an issue magazine or other literature, hold workshops, lectures, etc. for the upsurge of the aims and objectives of the education system.