“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ – Winston Churchill.

Ramagya Group of School firmly believe that the success and bliss of our lives cannot be mapped by what we got! But by what we give to others! And thus, we ensure that we inculcate this divine ‘art of giving’ in the roots of the each of our children and help them become a responsible, selfless and accomplished citizen who can make a positive contribution for a better world.

As rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, “To find yourselves, lose yourselves in the life of others”. The Ramagya Group has been working with various NGOs involving our children of each age group into diversified social activities. Our students are encouraged to participate in varied programmes in accordance to their age and sensitivities; as we understand that learning through the Community Caring Programme:

  • Empathizes children towards social causes and build their strong connection and participation in social development programmes.
  • Children blossom as ‘Change-Makers’ who are selfless, empathetic and always eager to contribute towards the society
  • Helps in building compassion, sense of belongingness and responsibility towards society in children.

Makes them experience the ‘Joy of Giving’

  • Junior School(Grade 1st– 5th)
  • Middle School (Grade 6th – 8th)
  • Senior School (Grade9th – 12th)
  • Our Philanthropic Leaders  (Teachers)

To inculcate the sense of giving and serving the society, Ramagya School has designed various programs for its students where they can willingly contribute to make a commitment to improvement in the society.

Junior School(Grade 1st – 5th )

Sharing is Caring:- To share is to spread joy! Sharing is the most basic and critical skill required to become a well balanced adult. Our ‘Sharing is Caring Program’ in association with “Jodo Gyan” and “Abhar” initiative of Ramagya Foundations encourages our Junior School students to donate their books, stationeries, story books, etc with the under-privileged students.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Developing the habit of sharing with others.

Angels:- Grade 3 & 4 students celebrate genuine happiness by becoming the angels for deprived students. Every year, during festive seasons like Diwali and Christmas they assist Ramagya Team in assessing the needs of each under-privileged students and then accordingly create Wish List Tree for these destitute students and also contribute gifts for them.

Learning of the Ramagyans: This practice inculcates in children – the ‘Joy of Giving’.

Developing Artists:- Art & Crafts are the most effective tools for childhood brain development. Through this programme in association with ‘Saatrang’, an initiative by Ramagya Foundations, our children from Grade 2nd – 5th visits Kiran Nadar Museum of Art’s along with underprivileged and community school students for an exposure to the world of art & creativity.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Explore the nascent artist hidden inside every child and helps in developing their skills.

The Rise of Women:- Grade 5 students visited NGO to understand working on the social welfare, Education & Development of the destitute girls. Our children spend quality time with the girls studying there to understand their challenges, journeys and life-cycle. They also play with them and help with their working sheets.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Alertness for the significance of Girl Education & women empowerment.

Birthday Celebrations: Grade 1-5 students celebrate birthdays of the Ramagya School’s Caretaker and Housekeeping staff to reciprocate the selfless love and affection they get from each caretaker. Caretakers (Nanny) at school play very vital role in Children Development as they take care of each child like a Mother. Hence, we encourage our students, teachers and parents to voluntarily organize cakes, decorative items, gifts and a lot more to make their birthdays, most special and unforgettable!

Learning of the Ramagyans: Develops pure love and affection for the caretakers despite any class or status symbol. This activity educates them, the real meaning of ‘Social Equality’.

Middle School (Grade 6th – 8th )

The Evergreens:- Ramagyan’s are never away from their duty to protect our mother nature. Ramagya school is taking the initiative in emphasizing the importance of adopting good practices to promote green and clean India. Students along with teachers and representatives of Ramagya group take up activities to help generate awareness, build attitude and enable people around to take up activities to help generate awareness, build attitude and enable people around to take up activities to promote sound environmental behaviour. 

Learning of the Ramagyans: To develop a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards taking care of the environment. 

Nishabd Embassadors:- An initiative by Ramagya Foundations to protect and shelter stray dogs; all our students from Grade 6th – 8th are working as ‘Nishabd Ambassadors’ in their respective residential societies to generate awareness and educate people about Animal Care & welfare. They also ensure the safety, food and shelter of stray dogs. If they come across with any stray dog who needs medical treatment they immediately call the Ambulance of Nishabd shelter home for treatment. We have also trained each of our children to create small shelter houses with cardboards for the stray dogs in their localities.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Sensitizes and educate towards the challenges and requirements of homeless and voiceless animals.

Swasth Jeevan:- In today’s chaotic lifestyle, mental health is the most crucial. And hence Ramagya Foundation has designed a specific program focusing only on children’s mental and Physical health. Aradhya, an initiative by Ramagya Foundations for Grade 6-8 students attend mid-week meditation sessions and spend quality time with destitute children to motivate them and bring smile on their faces.

Learning of the Ramagyans: This activity gives them a sense of pride that they could bring a small change and smile on somebody’s face.

Junior Teachers:- Sanganak, an initiative by Ramagya Foundations, for Grade 6-8th students help community school going students to understand the computer literacy, new age technology and holiday homework.

Learning of the Ramagyans: This program makes our children more meticulous and responsible for their education as they get to understand the value of teachers while they play that role themselves.

Special children: Ramagya School has associated with a special school dedicated to provide education and fulfil all needs of the children with multiple disability or children with blindness. Our Grade 9 -12 students visit them to entertain these special children and offer them an empathetic hearing.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Exposure and Understanding about the life and hardships of special needs’ people. This would help them in becoming a better, sensitive and caring citizen.

Golden agers : Grade 6 -8 students visit old age home providing shelter, food and entertainment to elderly citizens over the age of 60.

Deaf and Mute: To remind Ramagyans of the blessings that they enjoy by being able to hear the sounds around us and then there are those who have two ears and can’t hear wisdom. To humble ourselves and allow us to strive to see what even those who have less than we do, can teach us about ourselves. We encourage our students to spend time with deaf and mute children and exchange the skills that they posses to express themselves.

Blind School: Under the aegis of Ramagya Foundation, students of class 6th to 8th visit blind school with the objective to understand and realize the special care that these children need while growing up. Our students also experience that by interacting and spending time with these children can make them  feel very happy and privileged.

Senior School (Grade 9th – 12th )

Shiksha:- Unnati, an initiative by Ramagya Foundations, for Our Grade 9- 12th students are encouraged to take grooming sessions, personality development classes and soft skills training classes for community school going students for their bright future.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Boosts their confidence and prepares them to become leaders and changemakers in the society.

School Chale Hum:- Our grade 9-12th students visited Community Schools in Noida & Dadri to spend time with the under-privileged children so that they can understand their challenges and help in resolving them.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Becomes more responsible citizens.

Golden Agers:- Grade 9 -12 students visit old age home providing shelter, food and entertainment to elderly citizens over the age of 60.

Rural Development: Ramagya School has associated with a Trust working for the welfare and development of rural areas. Our Grade 9 – 12 students assist them with the research and development projects for the same.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Training & hands-on knowledge about the planning and execution of real-time rural development projects.

Welfare Home: Ramagya School is associated with diverse Welfare Homes to nurture and develop the concealed sports talent of those underprivileged children who are abundant of talent but lacking behind only because of infrastructure and facilities. With an aim to cultivate those hidden gems, our Trainers & Coaches give them special training sessions at Ramagya Sports Academy to identify and develop their skills. We also encourage our Grade 8 -12 students to assist these destitute children with their training and play time.

Learning of the Ramagyans: Their knowledge and skills of sports gets stronger while they assist in the coaching of these destitute children.

Umeed:- Our Grade 10 -12th students reach out to the migrant construction labors to eradicate illiteracy and child labor by encouraging the laborers to send their children for the Exclusive Free Education Programme ‘Umeed’ initiated by Ramagya Foundations to promote literacy amongst poverty-stricken section of the society.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Ramagya Foundation is currently working on sustainable progress, peace, and justice towards completion of social commitments to unleash and nurturing talent, sculpting the individual soul by imparting values and enhancement of living standards backed by technology to contribute towards educated and developed society. Ramagya Foundation firmly believes that children are the future of our nation and for the progress of our country, overall development of the underprivileged children holds great importance. Ramagya Foundation primarily focuses on the needs of education of the less privileged and extending the horizon of addressing the needs of the larger community.
Visit our Website – www.ramagyafoundation.org & www.nishabd.org

Our Philanthropic Leaders (Teachers)

The Ramagya Group feels honored and very grateful to have such great teachers who are truly the role model and an inspiration for our students. Teachers have been voluntarily sponsoring Education of under-privileged children by donating funds, their valuable time in teaching students at Unnati centers and by donating food for Nishabd, the Dog Shelter Home.
Our Sports Coaches voluntarily spend extra working hours for the training of the under-privileged students to outshine their hidden talents & skills for their bright future.