What is Nurturing the Bond Programme?

Ramagya School has initiated a programme "Nurturing the Bond" for strengthening the academics, activities and other related areas with the help of its esteemed parents. The school values the opinion of its parents who are well informed, enlightened and concerned about their children and have a positive and broad outlook.

Why Nurturing the Bond Programme?

Ramagya School believes in holistic development of its students and wants to provide them with the best of everything.

Key Features

  • Hand holding
  • Mutual trust
  • Open discussions
  • Valuable feedback
  • Enhancement of parent-child-school bonding
  • Better performance of the students
  • Holistic development of the students

Ramagya’s Initiative

The school understands that the parents are the best people to take feedback from regarding the performance of their child as they closely monitor the curriculum, the activities and their child’s interests and aptitude. Since the parents and students of a particular class share common interests and concerns thus the school regularly interacts with one parent from each class who represent the parents group of the entire class and share and discuss their apprehensions and suggestions.

The Principal, Ms. Aparna Magee conducts one to one interactive sessions with the parent representatives to discuss matters related to academics, activities and administration.

Effect on Students

The students grow to be confident and enthusiastic learners. They enjoy a unique teaching learning experience that is surrounded by the support, love and care of their parents and the school.