What is Tejasvat?

Ramagya School has initiated a programme “Tejasvat”, comprising of listening, speaking and reading of Sanskrit Suktis and Shlokas, for the students of Class KG –Class XII. “Tejasvat” is a Sanskrit word which means shining bright with strength and excellence just like the Sun.

Why Tejasvat Programme?

This programme aims to develop personality of our students in such a way that they can be successful in all their endeavours as well as feel the bliss within them. We want to keep them motivated by harnessing the positivity within themselves. The suktis and shlokas shared in the programme ‘Tejasvat’ help the students speak Sanskrit flawlessly, instill values like honesty, obedience, gratitude, truth etc and also explain the smallest things related to life. Reciting these suktis and shlokas improves the pronunciation and memory of the students resulting in better grades.

Key Features

  • Sanskrit - the most scientific language
  • Sanskrit shlokas and suktis
  • Recitation and explanation
  • Clear pronunciation
  • Better retention power
  • Instilling moral values
  • Better performance of the students
  • Holistic development of the students

Ramagya’s Initiative

The Shlokas and suktis are the priceless treasure of human society. Keeping this invaluable treasure safe in our mind helps us to maneuver smoothly in real life. Ramagya School regularly conducts this programme with the hope to make its students a better version of themselves by revisiting their culture and learning values along with the language. In this programme, Suktis and Shlokas are explained through videos and animated stories with a moral value. The students are made to recite and learn the Shloka or the Sukti in the class.

Effect on Students

The students are made to understand a value, recite and learn a Sanskrit shloka or a sukti thereby helping them to improve their quality of life, memory and pronunciation.