As Ramagyans progress from pre-kindergarten to intermediate, they should become proficient in math. This proficiency enables them to cope with day to day math challenges and study mathematics beyond school. Since the school is responsible to make students math confident, it brought in The NIIT Math Lab that supports programs designed to lead students to proficiency in math. The Lab provides ample opportunities for the teacher to teach math in a different way to say through activities and games. The goal of introducing these activities and games is to make math interesting and effective by providing a proper context for the application.

NIIT Math Lab at Ramagya aims to change the way Mathematics has been taught till now. This revolutionary approach towards student-centric explorative learning, takes Mathematics hands-on, making the students learn the concepts in a fun & playful manner.

  • The digital multimedia,
  • Colorful books,
  • Intriguing manipulative,
  • Interesting mathematical tools and charts, make learning an immersive experience.

NIIT Math Lab is a place for Ramagyans to learn math in fun way. The Lab helps the students:

  • To discover mathematics by doing.
  • Appealing activities for a wide range of students with varying proficiency help generating further interest.
  • The Lab helps students to visualize, manipulate and reason.
  • The Lab provides an opportunity to make conjectures and generalize observed patterns.