Internationalism can be defined as a positive relationship between two or more countries leading to mutual respect, cultural tolerance, and inter-dependence. A spirit of internationalism is found in those who seek to discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding and respect.

As such a mindset pervades Ramagyans, it brings with it increasing benefits, opportunities, and advantages so, inevitably, and educational ideology and theory begin to reflect the mindset of the students.

Ramagyan Initiative

At Ramagya School, internationalism stands to be a significant element and there are also several essential aspects of School life at Ramagya which express this mindset both ideologically and pragmatically. We promote international understanding by exposing students to ideas and concepts from different cultures and countries, by challenging them to understand and tackle real-world issues, and by connecting them with other students from all nationalities. Such aspects include the statement of the school ethos, curricular, pedagogic and assessment policies, the nature of the school administration and the roles of the authorities.

Ramagya focuses on internationalism because:

  • It is a huge step towards opening lines of communication.
  • An even bigger step towards helping shorten a skills gap in languages.
  • Creating a bridge for minds of talent aspiring for career exposure.
  • Opening a sea of opportunities for employment and education.
  • Exposing the naïve to a plethora of experiences.
  • It promotes multiculturalism through partnership.

At Ramagya, the majority of students love the idea of taking part in worldwide projects and activities; they value this experience and responsibly take part. So we embrace internationalism by opening doors for our students to every nation. We know that communication is the key to understanding and understanding is what enables all of us to work alongside each other in harmony. Hence, for making all their dreams come true, Ramagya School has tied up with various international consultancies and universities abroad.