Psychologists working in the field of education, study how people learn and retain knowledge. They apply psychological science to improve the learning process and promote educational success for all students.

Today’s educational system is highly complex. There is no single learning approach that works for everyone it is a customized psychological program of Ramagya School that helps students

  • in the development of cognitive, inner, emotional, physical, social, psychological and spiritual wellness.
  • The psychologists at Ramagya working in the field of education are focused on identifying and studying learning methods to better understand how students absorb and retain new information.
  • Educational psychologists apply theories of human development to understand individual learning and inform the instructional process. While interaction with teachers and students in school settings is an important part of their work.

During the PBP sessions, inspirational talks and interactive sessions are organized for students by the best TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Speakers across the globe. These sessions by distinguished speakers help the students in acquiring knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers and equip them with a deep understanding of worldly and everyday affairs of life.