Ramagya School Noida keeps up the momentum of studies through regular virtual classes

Studies go on unhampered at Ramagya School Noida via virtual classes and the students adapt themselves to virtual mode of education during the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Ramagya School, Noida, one of the pioneering schools in India, has been running virtual classes which have benefited the students as all their syllabus and course requirements are being met through these classes. Ramagya Group of Schools has been using a user-friendly App to seamlessly conduct these live classes. This online mode of teaching and learning process is beneficial for students in this continuing COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Ramagya Group of Schools introduced students, parents and teachers to this safe and user-friendly App to conduct online classes after a lot of brainstorming by concerned departments. Before settling for this App, the seasoned industry professionals at Ramagya tried and tested a number of online platforms. In recognition of Ramagya School’s efforts and excellence in the virtual mode of education, the institution has been honoured with Excellence Award in the category #salute2teachers – online classes with innovation, engagement, extracurricular fiesta, emotional well-being and edutainment by the National Career Counsellors Network (NCCN) at 2nd Edition Career Hackathon.

Ramagya Group of Schools has come up with an innovative online tool suite for virtual learning through which the students are guided to have the flexibility of thoughts, self-regulation and are directed towards planning and problem-solving techniques through lessons, activities and worksheets. The teachers at Ramagya are continuously engaged in planning and preparing the activities for the digital platform which have been checked by respective HODs and approved by the Principal. Concurrently, the School’s ERP system is also being used to mark attendance, upload notes, study material and daily homework.

Moreover, these online classes are conducted not only for curricular subjects but also for co-curricular activities. The Ramagya School’s sports faculty is guiding students to stay fit through Physical Fitness Videos posted online and also by conducting Live Sessions to keep a track of the fitness levels of the students. The school is also conducting interactive evening sessions of Physical Fitness from 5:30 pm – 6:10 pm LIVE to keep the students physically fit. Recently, Ramagya Group of Schools celebrated Earth Day, where creative activities were planned for students. The students across all grades participated in an International Webinar hosted by Ms. Manuela Correia da Silva, a teacher at the renowned institute AEMGA at Portugal on the occasion of Earth Day. The School also organized an Interhouse Activity- Unlock Your Talent During Boring Lockdown-“DANCE & SINGING KARO NA” on the occasion of International Dance Day, celebrated every year on 29th April. The activity was conducted Live on two consecutive days. In a similar manner, the School celebrated Mother’s Day on a digital platform on 10th May. Online PTM was also conducted to address the concerns and suggestions of the parents and students for classes Pre Nursery to XII. Almost all the students and parents eagerly participated in this PTM and appreciated the efforts of the school and Principal, Ms. Aparna Magee to meet the needs and demands of their students even during these challenging times.

Utkarsh Gupta

Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Group said, “It’s a proud moment for all of us as National Career Counsellors Network has recognized our committed efforts towards fructifying our vision and innovative approach to groom the young learners with skills for life. The closure of schools brought life to a screeching halt with lots of uncertainties, insecurities and anxiety, however we have kept the momentum going with interactive virtual classes as the children were our prime concern. Our aim is to ensure essential learning and critical thinking among the students through our Online Class Programme.”