As one of the first schools in India to enter into this partnership, we leverage Benesse’s global resources, academic excellence and deep data insights to strengthen the personalized support we give to your child, both for their academic and career goals.

Benesse believes in making a difference in education through personalised support and ensuring that students learn with understanding. It aims to provide support to schools in India through Diagnostic Assessments, Enrichment and Personalised Mentorship to students.

What is Benesse?

Founded in 1955 as Fukutake Publishing, the Benesse Group today provides services for people at each life stage in areas that include education in Japan and globally, nursing care and childcare, and lifestyles. Benesse empowers children to solve issues for themselves and to enjoy life to the full at every stage by offering them the tools and support they need to create well-being. The company has a track record of 60+ years of being the leading education company in Japan, and the 3rd largest education company in the world at present. They have a footprint across seven other geographies besides Japan, including USA, China and Indonesia.

How does it work?

Under this collaboration, we conduct a series of assessments (Math, Science, Learning Habits and Self-Reflection) and interventions (Practice Tests, Workbooks, Career Awareness and Goal Setting sessions, etc.) for our students this year. Benesse helps us identify the unique academic needs, learning styles and career aptitudes of your child, which we can then respond to with personalised content, mentorship support and counselling. We expect these interventions to positively influence the Board Exam results in the short term and the professional success of a student in the long term.


Identify gaps in students’ academic abilities, combined with their learning habits (like goal orientation, discipline, time management, note-taking, doubts resolution, etc.) and self-reflection to bring children at the centre of their learning journeys.


Constructively bridge gaps identified in assessments through learning support material such as personalized digital workbooks, practice tests individual student progress reports, reports for teachers; and students, teachers and parents sessions on Awareness, Goal-setting and Career focus.


Guidance to students by Benesse academicians and coaches, to focus on building unique strengths, bridging areas of weaknesses. Linked to the assessments, this programme ensures personalised support and enables peer-to-peer learning.