One of its own famous ideology originated in US and now have gained popularity in INDIA as well. K12 Activity Academy, MICROSOFT Global Education Training Partner for academic Institutions has come with its FLAGSHIP program with same
ideology - iSHARKTANK PROGRAM specially designed for the students of class 8 to 12 to inculcate both INTERNSHIP and ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS

It has become imperative for every child to become an intern at an early age, to be exposed to all the skill set and different functional levels to help them make a better career choice. This program indeed is the best platform to help them gain the HANDS ON experience of How an organization works and what are the differnet functional levels and departments in an organization

Details of the Program

Students can choose to run an enterprise of their choice and choose roles and functions of their choice. A student CEO is selected and an organization under the CEO is built. This is an inclusive, self sustained platform and students can choose from FINANCE, HR, MARKETING & SALES, IT, CORPORATE RELATIONS, CSR and PR roles.

More Information

  • This internship program is built to help students learn thru real experience of running an enterprise for 2 months.
  • Today, students can choose to intern in EDTECH, FINTECH, HEALTHTECH, FASHION or INTERIOR DESIGN Company.
  • The students can choose from functions and levels such as CEO, Vice-President- HR, Vice-President - Marketing &Sales, Vice-President -Finance, Vice-President –CSR, General Managers, Managers, etc and execute various business functions thru this organization.
  • The internship is a structured engagement which is outcome driven
  • Students are assessed continuously every week while they drive deliverables.
  • Student needs to spend about 1-2 hour per week. The internship is online and the student needs to attend mentorship sessions while tasks will be assigned every week for students to deliver.
  • Leadership roles such as CEO and VP are for those students who have higher maturity level, leadership qualities, functional knowledge, intent, aspirations or need to help them become entrepreneurs or career leaders.
  • Managerial level positions are for students who have the ability to drive programs, manage people and visualize and build initiatives and build ground level execution plans and deliver.
  • Executive level positions are for those students who can learn from this role and slowly graduate into higher positions.M
  • Students can leverage this rare opportunity of running a real business enterprise business goals, objectives and priorities as a team from their campus and collaborate and network with other school leaders across the globe as part of this experience to deliver outcomes.

Outcomes of Program

The student on completion of this program will not only emerge with a lot of confidence and experience but it will help them make career choices that are more suitable to their interest and exposure. Following are the outcomes.

  • Domain and Functional Knowledge
  • Domain and Functional Experience
  • Skills
  • Networking opportunity
  • Learning from Mentors
  • Visibility on our social platforms and potential employers
  • Internship letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Scholarships to competition winners
  • Exchange program opportunities