Parents are susceptible to different types of problems that can greatly affect how they take care or manage their families, especially in how they guide and raise their children and hence the school not only looks after the students and the staff but as a family extends the embrace to help the parents. To maintain a healthy, safe and resilient school community, Ramagya includes parents in the equation and steps in the Parenting counselling at Ramagya.

This is a specialised service that aims at providing the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and most especially support to parents without bias or judgement. This way, they become more fully equipped to take care of their children.

Although becoming a parent is rewarding, Ramagya understands that it is also challenging. The responsibilities that parents must fulfil are huge. They are required to do a lot without faltering. Hence, the school offers its parents an open door to treat their worries and anxieties of any or all the types.

At Ramagya, the help that parents need is just a call away. They can book an appointment with the school counsellor and attend the sessions and get rid of their fret.

Taking the counselling sessions at Ramagya helps the parents in :

  • Raising good children who can contribute to society
  • Providing a home that is loving, supportive, and caring
  • Meeting all the needs of their children such as a home, education, food, healthcare, and education
  • Taking care of their respective spouses
  • Supporting the community they are in to create a safe and productive place for their families
  • Giving their families a comfortable life

They learn to do all these cheerfully while they also try to meet their own needs and cope with their personal struggles.