‘Know Your Brain’ is a unique transformative school programme to help students, parents and teachers to have greater balance, control and effectiveness in their daily life to be the front runner in today’s world and to meet the demands of the super intelligent and tech savvy generation.

Brain is the most important organ of a human body. It is the center of learning, emotions and behaviour. When the ‘brains’ of all the members of a family work right, the family tends to be positive and effective.

Often, as adults we tell our children to focus on ‘what’ to learn but not on ‘how’ to learn. We tell them what to concentrate on but never teach them how to focus and concentrate. We often find ourselves telling children what are the bad habits or behaviours that we need to change, but pause for a second and think, “Do we actually teach them how to get rid of those inappropriate habits or behaviours?” Ask yourself- Did you teach them how to concentrate? How can you expect a child to play piano if you haven’t taught the child how to play it? By this online platform we focus on life coaching through biological, psychological and social influences. We are dedicated to help parents and children. ‘Know Your Brain’ would teach children how to concentrate and then practise it along, because practice makes one perfect.

We have often seen schools providing support to children based on issues seen at the surface; they aim at practising and mastering the art each day with the students. But no school has any program for the parents to help them in their journey of parenting, to discover life, face everyday challenges, learn to be in present moment and eat food that is healthy for the brain.

Happiness comes from within. No amount of external factors makes you happy if you are sad and discontented from inside. ‘Know Your Brain’ gives you a new perspective to find happiness in life and helps you give a new start to your very own journey of success.

It’s never too late to start anything that can change you and your lives. You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can always start from where you are and change the ending!