What is Robotics?

Robotics is a production-based learning module. Students get an opportunity to create something tangible and make it perform the actions that they program it to do. Not a lot of fields combine creativity with engineering and technology—robotics does.

How is it beneficial?

When students are given the opportunity to create something interactive that they think is cool, their engagement levels increase, and they retain more information. In today's technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future.

1- It helps the students to develop teamwork and cooperative skills – When kids work on a robotic project, they need to work in a group or a team as one can be good in programming skills but other parameters such as engineering, technology, and sensors are also important for building a robot. Hence, they need to collaborate with their team members in an open environment. They not only need to express themselves but also need to listen to others to capture their valuable inputs.

2- It helps the students to share and participate i.e. involve with the community– It helps the students to create positive confidence and attitude to face the world. Students tend to be shy but when they learn robotics and develop robots on their own, they want to show their achievement to the world. This creates a great sense of ownership and a positive outlook in them. They feel to be more connected to the community.

3- A Strong and robust curriculum will create knowledgeable leaders for tomorrow – Robotics education is said to be difficult but it is said that difficult situations create great leaders. The ability to communicate across a platform with different groups shows the essential personal strengths of an individual and how he/she is utilizing their positive traits to get a solution to the problem.

4- It helps the students to know their strengths, weaknesses and passion – It is an amazing experience to see the student’s excitement when they start learning robotics. It helps them to know their strong and weak areas of strength. It helps the students to articulate the problem and solution in a much more effective and efficient way. Robotics cultivates an interest and nurtures a passion in this field.

Ramagya's Initiative

At Ramagya it is compulsory for grades KG to V. The school has interwoven the same in its Curriculum. The students of Ramagya know how to tackle a particular complication by the logical application of mind and break a complex problem into simpler and manageable parts only because of sharpening of mind achieved through rigorous Abacus practice sessions. The focus of Abacus sessions is to develop the mathematical aptitude of a child, assist in strengthening quick and accurate calculation skills, enriches a child’s attention, the power of retention and concentration. The School aims at the holistic development of a child’s brain through Abacus along with the development of multi-dimensional thinking thereby cultivating intelligence and encouraging innovations of the idea in the Ramagyans.