Ramagya’s Initiative

Ramagya knows that students learn in different ways and at different paces. And hence Ramagya has introduced a personalized learning programme, Genius Corner that is a teaching model based on that premise. Each student gets a “learning plan” based on how he learns, what he knows, and what his skills and interests are. It’s the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach used in most schools.

Ramagya School possesses a full suite 3D lab that provides a unique learning experience to students when it comes to observing the curriculum concepts in the 3D format. It helps the students to visualize concepts through these specialized learning modules in a thought-provoking manner with the help of a stereoscopic 3D projection system, 3D electronic viewing glasses and above all a specially designed 3D curriculum library.

Benefits of 3D Lab

Ramagya understands that through the latest technology learning has become even more fun than before. Students are more inclined to learn and grasp knowledge with an interesting mode of teaching. With 3D laboratories at Ramagya, learning complex lessons has never been this easy. It helps students in a number of ways:

Easy access

One of the most cited benefits of 3D labs in the school is that the students have access at their own convenience to learn the subject topic in the simplest way possible. Virtual/3D labs allow flexibility for the teacher to teach students using practical examples and also help them un-complicate lessons for the students within a strict time frame.

Quick feedback

With a movie-like environment for the class, students are more open to seeking their curiosity. It creates a space where students get into thinking mode. That way students can always communicate with the teachers and get their questions answered well.