Honestly, what could be more secure than letting your child enrol in self-defence classes?

Ramagya knows that in this world, nothing is better than the sense of confidence of your child, where being able to protect themselves in all kind of situations is the biggest dream for parents. Therefore, it is essential to let your child learn self-defence, at Ramagya in order to boost their inner confidence.

At Ramagya, the self defence classes are blended in with the daily time table of all the classes, making it statutory.

Krav Maga, a military self-defence and fighting system derived from a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, aikido, judo and karate has been appointed by Ramagya to train the students in the best way possible.

Benefits drawn by Ramagyans through Self Defence Classes.

These days, opting self-defence classes as an important life skill is vital, particularly for children. Keep in mind, self-defence classes not only boost confidence but likewise helps improves coordination, physical fitness, and determination. It also teaches about our body anatomy, hygiene, accident, and most importantly it teaches discipline and respect to a child.

  • Boosts Confidence : Self-confidence is the key towards success in life, where learning self-defence boost self-confidence through various lesson and life skills. As life is full of challenges, self-defence classes helps build ramagyans, new techniques, persistence, new physical abilities, and much more to a child in order to tackle challenging situations. It additionally pushes the child to come out from the comfort zone in order to bring determination, which leads towards confidence.
  • Discipline Lessons : Living in this society, every parent teaches their children the sense of discipline as one of the most important moral characters. Simply, it is one of the most significant factors as everything in this world works as per discipline and respect. Discipline brings balance and peace in the world. Ramagya realises that discipline is an important part of life, Mixed Martial Arts and Self-defence classes helps cultivate aptitude to build up discipline and respect in Ramagyans.
  • Improves Physical Fitness : Self-defence classes help Ramagyans to be active, at the same time it improves coordination skills. It also strengthens bones and muscle, agility, flexibility and stability (balance) with various self-defence poses and movements. Remember, stability in any situation is essential for kids in order to avoid undesirable moments.
  • Safety Lesson : Apart from building up muscles, bones and stamina, self-defence classes also teaches Ramagyans how to be aware in different situations. Self-defence classes have various programmes focusing on safety topics, body protection and awareness of dangers.Not only that, they also teach the various escape windows as per the situation, in order to help stay safe and avoid unwanted consequences. Therefore, learning self-defence is considered as an overall life saviour skill.
  • Healthy Eating : To live healthily, we need healthy eating. Ramagyan self-defence class educates their understudies about the importance of healthy eating and cleanliness, in order to maintain a strategic distance from illness and infections and so on. A good self-defence programme also teaches the students about body parts and functions.