Ramagya School offers the latest and great quality lab supplies. In order to understand the concepts, students are given a look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. The knowledge that pupils in the classroom get becomes more effective when they actually observe the process and also understand the relationship between action and reaction. Pupils make use of the models and then understand the concepts and theories. By virtue of equipping the students with the very best and most advanced materials and supplies, Ramagya School is able to contribute quite a bit in the advances of the students’ academics.

Composite Science Lab

The school adopts the discovery mode of learning in labs, where students are encouraged to explore and experiment with the teachers’ guidance. Laboratories are the most important infrastructure of an educational institution. Ramagya School has got a ‘Composite Science Lab’ to enable the practical knowledge of students by doing. The lab provides an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. Under the professional guidance and assistance given by our science teachers, students are also encouraged to exhibit their innovative powers by developing samples and models. The Lab is well equipped with furniture and apparatus related to the curriculum of the students.


A separate Mathematics lab has been set up in the school to help students in increasing their knowledge about the subject and aid them in mathematical learning. The lab can accommodate 48 students at a time and is well equipped with all the facilities that are necessary to clear different mathematics-related concepts of the students. In our Mathematics laboratory, students perform different activities and projects based on the syllabus of their respective classes. The lab assists students to verify the math facts in an interesting hands-on way, helping them to learn the nitty-gritty involved in the world of Mathematics in a more pragmatic and life-oriented way.

Computer Lab

Ramagya School has 2 Computer Labs. The Junior Computer Lab is catering to the needs of students till grade V. The lab can accommodate 30 students at a time. The students learn the basic functioning of a Computer PowerPoint Presentation. These help the students to use a computer for making slides and projects related to their subjects. The Senior Computer Lab caters to the students of grades VI to XII. The lab can accommodate 40 students at a time. The lab is used for preparing students by giving the students hands-on practice for subjects like Informatics Practices. The middle wing and Senior wing uses the lab for the understanding making of various computer programmes.


Understanding the magnitude of the importance that the English language holds in this day and age, we have set up a separate English lab that is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual teaching aids for easy learning of the language. The lab can accommodate 45-50 students at a time and is designed using modern facilities and tools, so as to increase the overall English communication among the students focusing on aspects like grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The lab also helps in enhancing the English writing and speaking skills of the students along with developing well-balanced and interactive personalities for a better tomorrow.


Ramagya School opted for the Astronomy Lab due to its interdisciplinary nature and its natural links with technology and its vast potential to contribute significantly to building a strong technical workforce for the 21st century. The plethora of activities undertaken by the students is the major reason for its popularity among them.

3D Lab

Ramagya School possesses a full suite 3D lab that provides a unique learning experience to students when it comes to observing the curriculum concepts in the 3D format. It helps the students to visualize concepts through these specialized learning modules in a thought-provoking manner with the help of a stereoscopic 3D projection system, 3D electronic viewing glasses and above all a specially designed 3D curriculum library.

Virtual Reality@Veative Lab

Ramagya School’s constant endeavour is to provide the latest digital technology to make learning impactful and everlasting. As a part of our latest offering, we have ensured for our student’s virtual reality labs for the teaching of STEM with 450 modules having breathtaking content in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Veative’s VR Tools enable teachers to manage content, plan lessons and track student’s progress. Moreover, the customized syllabus helps us in planning the modules as per our syllabic requirement and thus makes learning effective.