The modern classroom doesn’t look much like the traditional one. Giant interactive screens bring information wherever it’s needed. Walls are pushed out of the way to open up space and conversation. Groups of students solve problems in all kinds of ways – at specially built collaborative labs, sitting around tables using whiteboards or lounging on cheerful seating in bright atriums.

With the wide-open spaces and cutting-edge technology, the Ramagya school is creating spaces that help advance how we teach and learn.

  • Classrooms and buildings across campus are being transformed to provide more room for peer-to-peer learning and technologies.
  • The optimized spaces are making it easier to create new, more engaging learning experiences for students.

Ramagya offers a Flex School that combines the power of technology with the infrastructure of a traditional learning environment. .

In a flex environment, students can be placed on a scripted program that correlates with their academic needs and deficiencies. Flex programs have the potential to speed up the learning process and program for those involved.