The right amount of creativity mixed with the curriculum makes the students innovative and motivates them to be better. The importance of performing arts and Drama is significant in a student’s life. The student gets an opportunity either to perform on stage or behind the scenes, but in both cases, gets a chance to outshine the talent. Drama and performing arts engages the creative side of the brain and provides an ideal balance in students’ study patterns as well.

Moreover, to add a little sparkle and to pull the kids out of the sea of theory, the drama is the best escape.

Through drama, children get the opportunity to celebrate the heritage of expressions that they have inherited just by being humans. Through the practice of performing arts, they learn to comprehend the world better and hene easily navigate the challenges that life offers them.

Drama helps the students to learn to approach to a single aim through an array of different manners and hence helps them to develop creative study techniques. Furthermore, it builds confidence and moulds the character of the child by remarkably reducing the fear of public speaking and stage. The drama also accelerates the communication among the peers as they get exposure to group activities that they perform together.

Creative way of expression through drama and performing arts is a great way of boosting self-confidence and can work wonders in the life of an introvert or a reserved child.

At Ramagya, the kids are offered a glowing chance of being a part of performing arts through Drama. The school has a well-groomed silver screen artist to train the Ramagyans in the art. Also, Ramagya has realized the importance of expression through arts and hence, Drama has become a part of the basic curriculum of the primary and middle school. Ramagya has had the pleasure of witnessing so many students drawing positive results after inculcating drama in their curriculum.