Admission Vouchsafed

Grant of Admission

If the admission is conferred to the applicant, The Parents / Local Guardians will be accoutred The Fee Performa Invoice. Parents/ Legal Guardians will then be required to deposit the Admission charges and tuition fee as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice and after the fee payment parent will have to fill post admission forms.

Upon receiving the same in order the Admission Office shall intimate the Student’s ID Number. This is a unique number allotted to a particular student and should be included in all communication made with school therefrom.

Depositing School Fee

Admission charges and tuition fee as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice can be deposited at the time of accepting the admission but not later than the dates indicated in the Fee Structure of the school. Students shall not be allowed to attend the school if all or any of the Fee/ Amount is due.

Student Allotments

The admission shall facilitate issuance/allotments of the following for each student

  • House
  • Section
  • ID card
  • Parent’s escort card

For all post admissions related enquiries, Please contact your relationship manager - +91 - 7669026105  (Ms. Prashansa Saxena)

Transport Facilities

The school provides transportation facility for students daily to ensure timely arrival at the school.

  • Routes
  • Fees

For all transport related enquiries: Please contact us at - +91 9355586748   Or e-mail at - [email protected]


Ramagya Edunext* App

Ramagya School understands the essentiality of an effective partnership between parents and school for the holistic development of a child. Therefore, our school is powered by Edunext Mobile App & Web Portal that helps us consistently stay in touch with the parents and keep them in the loop about their ward’s achievement, progress, and next steps.