Decoding Mind!

The Training and Counseling Cell of Ramagya School have introduced an Online Module on Decoding Minds which aims to enhance the psychological well-being of the students and encourage their personal development beyond academics.

The objective of this program is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and treat them with the best effective means and use them as opportunities and threats. Via this program, we tend to understand various dimensions of professional and personal development and help them learn and grow beyond academics. This program helps students learn the art of overcoming various obstacles in their lives and have a positive approach and outlook for the same. It also helps in developing problem-solving skills critically and effectively.

We at Ramagya School focus on a child’s overall development and through this Online Module, we cover various essential topics like Know Thyself, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making, LLeadership Skills, Communication Skills and more to help students boost their confidence and manage stress effectively while maintaining their self-esteem and relationship with their bodies.

This unique course is designed to deliver its content using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aid. Ramagya uses videos, worksheets and activities, group work and team building, reflection and introspection, and group sessions to help students understand and evaluate their inner potential with our Counselors continuously working towards understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the students and working on it with them.

We believe that every child has their own pace of learning and thus we offer students pre-recorded sessions to maintain their mental well-being when it comes to understanding things. The students will be provided with a digital certificate upon attending the periodic tests before exams. The course caters to those dimensions of personality development which are often overlooked in academic-focused institutions.

Young children and teenagers often experience a lot of problems when it comes to being assertive, and confident, developing healthier relationships, understanding themselves as individuals, etc. This course is an intervention for these struggles of the students and helps them become informed and sensitive individuals. Only getting decent grades does not guarantee success. It is crucial to strike the ideal balance between superior academic performance and superb soft skills.

Training & Counseling Cell

    1. Akanksha
      Head - Baal Saathee

      1. Simran Deep Singh
        Baal Saathee

    2. Garima Arora
      Head - Inclusive Education

      1. Kanchan Rawat
        Inclusive Education

      2. Swati Bhaskar
        Inclusive Education

    1. Avni Drona
      Head - Learning & Development

      1. Neha Khilwni
        Learning & Development

    2. Vanshita Malik
      Head - Career Counselling

      1. Nivea Kumar Thakkar
        Career Counselling

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