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At Ramagya, we adhere to the principle that each individual's query should be promptly and effectively addressed to facilitate the admission process. We have taken measures to simplify the procedure for you. You may contact or personally meet the Admissions Team in order to have all your queries resolved.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at ([email protected]) or by calling us at +91-8010 333 555. Additionally, you have the option to schedule an appointment with the admissions team for a direct meeting, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free admission process for your child.

For Appointments:-

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Note- Admission enquiries will be catered only with the prior appointments

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Pre Admission

Parents and guardians desirous of admitting their wards to Ramagya School should familiarize themselves with the school by filling the Inquiry Form. It is requested to fill in the undisguised details in the form that would help the school to create a suitable environment for the child, once admitted.

For Enquires and pre-admissions:-

After specific stipulation selected candidates will be contacted via phone /e-mail, within 48 hours of submitting the application.

If you have any questions related to the enquiry/admission process. 

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There will be an interactive session and this aims to perceive the student’s depth of knowledge and understanding. It is normally conducted by the Head of Admissions, The Principal, and the Counsellor/ Special Educator. The session is important as we are keen to know about the student’s educational development, academic enthusiasm, extra-curricular interests, social skills, and use of language.

While coming for the Interaction Session, kindly bear the below-mentioned documents

  • Archetypes of applicant’s school work i.e. exercise books, portfolios, etc.
  • Primary level applicants (up to Grade 5) should bear at least one book that they prefer reading.

For Pre-primary school

Applicants will be examined by the Primary Head. During this interactive session, the applicant may be asked to mount on a few simple activities.

Session 2023-24 Session 2024-25
Pre nursery- 2+ years as on 31st March,2023 Toddlers: 2+ Years as on 31st july 2024
Nursery - 3+ Years as on 31st March,2023 Nursery: 3+ Years as on 31st july 2024
KG - 4+ Years as on31st March,2023 KG 1 - 4+ Years as on 31st july 2024
KG 2 - 5+ Years as on 31st july 2024

For Primary School

Applicants for class 1st to 5th will undergo the Interaction session and a written test. Testing is done for Basic English and Mathematics and Hindi.

For Grades 6 to 8

Applicants will undergo the Interaction session and a written test. Assessment will be primarily based on Basic English, Integrated Science, Mathematics, and Hindi.

For Grade 9

Students will also be assessed for Integrated Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

For Grade 10

Students are only taken if they are transferring from a similar school and their admission is based on reports from their existing school and interaction and test.

For Grade 11

Admission to Grade 11 is by interaction and written tests in English, Mathematics and Science. All the students applying for this grade will have a F2F meeting with the school principal.

For Grade 12

Admission to Grade 12 only transferring students will be admitted.

Mid-term Admissions

Applicants may register any time during the year for admission in the current session and will be interacted as per the availability of the seat.


After acquiring the admission, parents will have to pay the one-time Admission charges within two days to secure the seat of the applicant. Subsequently, the post-admission process will begin with the allotment of a unique Id to the applicant. Parents will be further asked to fill various forms and declarations that will be given at the time of admission.

For any query related to post-admission procedure contact- +91 9599 104 010

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Total Capacity 2500
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