Online Parent Appointment System with Relationship Manager

We are pleased to present a pioneering initiative designed to elevate parental involvement and establish a more efficient avenue for post-admission inquiries: the Online Parent Appointment System with a dedicated Relationship Manager, here at Ramagya School

Aligned with our steadfast dedication to delivering unparalleled service and convenience to our esteemed parents, we have seamlessly integrated this advanced system to cater to the needs of parents seeking guidance pertaining to post-admission matters, including but not limited to character certificates, bonafide letters, transfer certificates, marksheets, and an array of related concerns. Through this meticulously crafted platform, parents are empowered to seamlessly arrange appointments with our specialized Relationship Managers, ensuring a bespoke and streamlined engagement that optimizes both personalization and efficiency.

Scheduling Appointments:

Accessing the Online Parent Appointment System is a straightforward process for parents, facilitated by the provided hyperlink below. Within this system, parents have the flexibility to select a suitable time slot for a meeting with the Relationship Manager, fostering discussions on their distinct post-admission inquiries.

Automated Confirmations:

Following the successful reservation of an appointment, an automated confirmation will promptly be conveyed to the parent via email and WhatsApp, ensuring swift acknowledgment.

Convenient Reach and Correspondence:

The identical appointment link will be shared with parents via a circular announcement and will also be kept current on our school's official website and ERP platform. This approach guarantees seamless accessibility, allowing parents to conveniently secure appointments according to their preferences.

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