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The field of sports psychology is a specialized area that applies psychological principles and techniques to optimize the performance and well-being of athletes, as well as to address the developmental, social, and systemic aspects of sports participation.

At Ramagya, we believe that every child possesses unique talents and abilities that can be nurtured and directed toward success. Our Training and Counseling Cell places a particular emphasis on the mental health of young athletes, coaches, administrators, and parents, using sport psychology interventions to assist individuals at all levels of competition and age.

Our primary goal is to enhance athletic performance through various techniques, including motivation, stress management, visualization, effective teamwork, and other psychological factors. Our sports psychologists use a range of theoretical approaches, such as cognitive, interpersonal, and behavioral psychology, to help athletes and teams excel. In addition to performance enhancement, we also work with students to address psychological issues such as performance anxiety, substance use, and imposter syndrome, using various psychological techniques to improve performance and provide personal advice.

We provide ongoing counseling to athletes to help them navigate work-life issues and prepare for all aspects of life. We conduct orientations to clarify goals and objectives for athletes, and our team carries out sports analysis to better understand the physical and psychological demands of specific sports. We utilize various tools and techniques, such as the TAIS, 16PF, structured interviews, self-questionnaires, observation, coach input, and objective performance analysis, to gain a comprehensive understanding of each athlete's unique needs and abilities.

Training & Counseling Cell

    1. Akanksha
      Head - Baal Saathee

      1. Simran Deep Singh
        Baal Saathee

    2. Garima Arora
      Head - Inclusive Education

      1. Kanchan Rawat
        Inclusive Education

      2. Swati Bhaskar
        Inclusive Education

    1. Avni Drona
      Head - Learning & Development

      1. Neha Khilwni
        Learning & Development

    2. Vanshita Malik
      Head - Career Counselling

      1. Nivea Kumar Thakkar
        Career Counselling

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