Summer is the time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to horn certain life skills while having fun.

Ramagya values holistic development. Summer at Ramagya combines academic rigor with the energy and excitement of a summer camp. Through a range of courses, master teachers strengthen participants’ academic foundations for school and career. We create a powerful and unique sense of community through living and learning with diverse staff and peers from around the world. Participants also stay healthy through our world-class gym, diverse food options, and daily walks from dorms to school. The Summer at Ramagya is an experience of transformative learning and is inspired and enhanced by the distinctive beauty of our pristine surroundings.

The summer camps that are being organized by Ramagya are highly popular all across the Delhi NCR region and students from different parts of the city join the camps every summer. Different activities are organized in these summer camps which include art and craft, sports, dance, vocal & instrumental music, theatre, drama, etc. With the focus on personality development and cultivating hobbies, summer camps that are being organized at the school witnessed active participation of students from all the grades.