Let's Destigmatize Mental Health!

The Mental Health Club is a program exclusively managed by students, which seeks to increase awareness about mental health, emotional resilience, self-love, and overall personal growth. As children spend a significant amount of time in school, ensuring a non-judgmental, safe, and secure environment is crucial for their mental health and overall well-being. Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illness, but rather a state of prosperity where individuals can achieve their full potential, cope with daily stress, and connect with their social support system. Unfortunately, mental illness often begins showing early signs around 15-17 years of age, yet most people seek help in adulthood. Effective mental health awareness campaigns in schools can stop the progression of mental illnesses through early intervention.

The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the mental health of school students and build a safe community to cultivate strong, empathetic individuals who can deal with life's challenges. The focus is on eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness, promoting help-seeking behavior, and implementing emotional well-being practices.

This student-led initiative aims to create a community that embodies the true meaning of strong peer support, where students can show up without fear of judgment and exist in a shared space where they can shine. The club offers members leadership roles in their school related to mental health. Student-led campaigns help members find their voice, build confidence, speak up, and make a difference in the world. The club's members aim to bridge the gap between students and mental health resources through individual education and outreach events, including blogs, podcasts, and mass awareness programs. They come together to discuss critical mental health topics and work together to promote emotional health and resilience among their peers.

Mental Health Club aims to promote a culture where conversations about mental health are encouraged and embraced. By raising awareness and offering support to students, the club aims to empower them to become emotionally healthy individuals and contribute positively to their communities.

Training & Counseling Cell

    1. Akanksha
      Head - Baal Saathee

      1. Simran Deep Singh
        Baal Saathee

    2. Garima Arora
      Head - Inclusive Education

      1. Kanchan Rawat
        Inclusive Education

      2. Swati Bhaskar
        Inclusive Education

    1. Avni Drona
      Head - Learning & Development

      1. Neha Khilwni
        Learning & Development

    2. Vanshita Malik
      Head - Career Counselling

      1. Nivea Kumar Thakkar
        Career Counselling

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