A Transformative Journey

Throughout our lifespan, we undergo continuous development, from birth until the end of our lives, which is referred to as lifespan development in psychology. While we tend to associate emotional and social difficulties with adults, such challenges are also present in children, who are still learning to navigate life. Children may experience distress from various factors, such as bullying, academic and career anxiety, identity crisis, adolescence-related issues, peer pressure, and anxiety. Unfortunately, such problems are often dismissed as insignificant or stigmatized due to mental health stigma.

To address the socioemotional needs of students, Ramagya School offers a student health benefits program called Baal Saathee, which aims to care for the social, emotional, and psychological needs of each student. Baal Saathee collaborates with other departments, including Learning and Development, Career Counseling, and Inclusive Education, to provide a well-rounded, holistic approach to mental health. Ramagya School is one of the few schools in India actively prioritizing mental health.

Baal Saathee reaches out to every student on an individual level and administers mental health checklists in all classes to ensure that no child's struggles go unnoticed. The department aims to empower each child to lead a thriving life with a balance of mind, body, and soul. As a leading integrated healthcare solutions provider guided by a vision of holistic health, Baal Saathee is a part of the Training and Counseling Cell at Ramagya School that focuses on students' mental health.

Baal Saathee also extends its outreach to Ramagya School's teaching and non-teaching staff, conducting overall work-life balance assessments to understand the mental health of all employees. Additionally, the department provides parental counseling to help promote healthy relationships between parents and children. Improving mental and emotional health requires collaboration between schools and parents.

Learning and Development covers mental health-related topics on a mass level to reinforce sensitization and break the stigma around mental health.

Training & Counseling Cell

    1. Akanksha
      Head - Baal Saathee

      1. Simran Deep Singh
        Baal Saathee

    2. Garima Arora
      Head - Inclusive Education

      1. Kanchan Rawat
        Inclusive Education

      2. Swati Bhaskar
        Inclusive Education

    1. Avni Drona
      Head - Learning & Development

      1. Neha Khilwni
        Learning & Development

    2. Vanshita Malik
      Head - Career Counselling

      1. Nivea Kumar Thakkar
        Career Counselling

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