Ramagya School is well equipped with the latest in the sphere of education and possess a world class campus which offers an international platform with a technology, modern pedagogy,culture and innovation. Besides the main branch in Noida, the school has two more branches in Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. Expanding its horizon, the school has now opened its another branch in Dadri.


Core values are the processes that gives young people an initiation into worth, giving knowledge of the rules needed to function in relation to other people and to seek the development in the student to grasp certain underlying principles, together with the ability to apply these rules intelligently for being world ready.
The 4 Core values inculcated and imbibed in the students of Ramagya are-


The two lasting bequeaths for a Ramagyans are “roots” and “wings”. The root is our curriculum that provides sustainability, depth of knowledge and ignites thought process and gives wings to our young brigade to soar to the zenith of creativity, appreciation and freedom. Roots and wings work in unison to “future ready” our students to become productive, well-functioning principled and happy adults.


We aim to develop Ramagyans as global nationals who are flexible, creative and proactive and can solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively to become harbingers of change in both thoughts and actions. Our pedagogy supports their development as Global Citizens and equips them with requisite knowledge, skills and values to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter, and to create the kind of world that they want to live in and whose actions contribute to universal acceptance and nurture self-respect along with respect for others thus making world a small family and a better place to live.


Learning process at Ramagya is based on erudition of self -help innovations and real time experiences. We believe that thinking plays a vital part and our curriculum ensures that children are in thinking mode before the realms of reality, accept changes and adapt to inquisitive visualization to expand & integrate core competencies for developing in Ramagyans scientific temperament at par with globally acceptable standards.


Attainments and accolades are the result of tireless striving. We believe that self -goals, communication, steadfastness, beyond books and academics are the key to acquisition of attainments and accolades. We identify our students, hone their innate skills so that finest out of the best is attained, acknowledged and rewarded.