How many of you remember, the time when you had to choose a stream? A course? A college?

  • Stream selection was about scores.
  • Course (for most part & in most cases) were about scores.
  • Colleges were definitely about cut-offs.
  • The final output was job placements & designations.

Cut to 2019, there is a paradigm shift in the way we perceive education. Humanities has become the most sought after course after breaking the mindset that it was for students with lower scores. Today everyone is more focused on Careers than jobs or simply placement. We are starting to talk about finding the RIGHT FIT. Fitment in streams, courses, colleges, and careers. To ensure that we as a school are able to cater to this shift in perception, we are adding technology to our arsenal in bringing to students Career Counseling 2.0.

Importance of career counseling:

  • The world of work is changing all the time – and fast. Jobs have emerged that didn’t exist five or ten years ago (A study says 65% of today’s children will end up working in jobs that don’t currently exist). And the idea that you’d stick with one career for your entire working life has been left in the dust. Career counseling therefore becomes the compass that helps you understand your goal and navigate the roads that lead to it. Research says, that once the end goal reveals itself, people are more motivated to work towards it.

Importance of online system:

  • While we are talking about all this, we have to be sure we don’t forget of the importance of technology and how it adds value to everything that we do in our regular day-to-day life. Adding technology to any equation opens a lot of avenues for us as a school see and interact with students. Imagine if we could use technology to find out.
  • find out individual student likes and dislikes.
  • create customized individual roadmap.
  • find out the right fit careers & colleges that a student than prepare for and achieve success.
  • Track student progress and identify who needs attention immediately.


We are excited to be able to share this update on <Event Name> that we have partnered with an education technology organization called Univariety who specializes in setting up digital career and college counseling for schools. They have, till date, helped in setting up

  • Digital Counseling infrastructure for more than 300 schools and
  • Have helped over 80,000 students find the right fit college and careers

With this platform we as a school will be able to ensure that career counseling support is available for each student 365 days a year! We will also be able to get information in real time about what are the individual needs of each student that can then be catered to by Univariety and

How it helps:

Students using the Univariety portal gets access to support in the form of 4 different pillars:

  • Research tool for college & career planning
  • One click Counselor on chat
  • Alumni support and guidance (Tapping into the enormous resource pool that is the alumni and using their first-hand experience to guide current batch of students as they start their career and college planning journey)
  • University connects (where universities get to look at student profile minus the contact details and work with Univariety to schedule personal interviews

The Alumni & career guidance program has been designed to provide Holistic Guidance. Students will get guidance from Psychometric Assessments, Counsellors, First hand guidance from Alumni, Directly from Universities and factual guidance from the E-Library regarding Courses, Careers, Countries,Entrance Exams, Colleges, deadlines around important dates & Scholarships.