Together We Shall Bring A Change!

Pillared by a team of experienced counselors, Know Your Brain offers a comprehensive range of counseling to students of Ramagya School. Each counselor specializes in different areas of the assessment of your problems and remedial measures, counseling for family problems faced by students, counseling for children and adolescents, training and counseling for career-related issues, training for study-related problems and slow learning, and a lot more!

Training & Counseling Cell

    1. Akanksha
      Head - Baal Saathee

      1. Simran Deep Singh
        Baal Saathee

    2. Garima Arora
      Head - Inclusive Education

      1. Kanchan Rawat
        Inclusive Education

      2. Swati Bhaskar
        Inclusive Education

    1. Avni Drona
      Head - Learning & Development

      1. Neha Khilwni
        Learning & Development

    2. Vanshita Malik
      Head - Career Counselling

      1. Nivea Kumar Thakkar
        Career Counselling

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