Upon conferring admission to an applicant, the Parents/Legal Guardians will receive a Fee Performa Invoice, which outlines the admission charges and tuition fee. They are then required to submit the specified fees mentioned in the Fee Performa Invoice. Once the fee payment is completed, the parents/legal guardians must complete the post-admission forms.

Upon receipt of the completed forms, the Admission Office will provide the Student's ID Number. This unique number is assigned to each student and should be used in all future communications with the school.


Admission charges and tuition fees, as outlined in the Fee Performa Invoice, must be paid at the time of accepting admission, within the specified dates indicated in the school's Fee Structure. Failure to pay any part of the fee/amount will result in the student being unable to attend the school.


Upon admission, the following items will be issued/allotted to each student:

  • House
  • Section
  • ID card
  • Parent's escort card

For any inquiries related to post-admission matters, please contact your relationship manager, - +91-9599-104-010  (Ms. RICHA CHAUDHRY)


The school offers transportation services to ensure students arrive at school on time.

  • Routes
  • Fees

For all transport related enquiries: Please contacts us at - +91-9540-099-492   Or e-mail at - [email protected]


Ramagya Edunext* App

Ramagya School recognizes the importance of a strong partnership between parents and the school for the comprehensive development of a child. Therefore, our school utilizes the Edunext Mobile App and Web Portal to maintain constant communication with parents, keeping them informed about their child's achievements, progress, and upcoming steps.

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